Condolences – Rafic Toufic Yehia

Dear Friends,

It is with deep sadness that we pass on the news that Rafic Toufic Yehia, the older brother of Samih and Samir Yehya, just passed in Aramoun, Lebanon on Dec. 1st. he is survived by his wife Wassima and children Bassem, Manal and Toufic.Besides Samih and Samir in Raleigh, Toufic is survived by sister Hadia Abu Diab and brother Wahib in Lebanon.

The family will receive condolences at Baytna (241 Horizon Dr. in Raleigh) on Sunday Dec. 13, 2015 between 4 and 6 pm. Our deep condolences and prayers are with the Yehya family who has been a great supporter of our Lebanese community for many years.

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