October 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Please take time to read about many exciting events happening this month. You don’t want to miss all the fun activities starting as early as tomorrow – Sunday!
Wake County Schools has reached out to our Lebanese community to do a pilot run of a new program. All you have to do is show up tomorrow night at 6:00 at 241 Horizon Dr. and listen to a brief presentation.
We have to show that our culture is not just about hummus, great food, dancing,  but our culture pushes us to go for higher education. (read more in the newsletter please)
The International Festival is next weekend see how you can get involved. The people who have volunteered every year and have missed their kids’ performances because they were working the food booth, need your help! More details in the newsletter.

As always, we welcome your input.

On behalf of the board
Bearta Alchacar

October 2015 Newsletter


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